Portland is a PR machine for light rail & streetcar

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Average Trip Length is 3/4 mile per Charlie Hales,

former city commissioner and "father" of the streetcar, now working for HDR, inc.,an engineering company

(the Hales quote is at 39:30 into the video at PSC transportaion seminars)

From blog posting by Chris Smith, member Portland Streetcar Citizen Advisory Board:

January 25, 2007


A Number for Jim (at long last)


I finally had a chance to catch the video of Charlie Hales addressing a PSU transportation seminar about Streetcar.


You can find the stream and download here.


First, for Jim Karlock, Charlie quoted an average trip length for Streetcar (no, I don't know his source): 3/4 of a mile. So go run your numbers, Jim!


In the Q&A session Charlie also speculated on why it may be difficult to make a Hawthorne Streetcar pencil (a question of how much redevelopment the neighborhood wants). He also suggests that a park-and-ride at the end of the Lake Oswego line is not a good idea.


Well worth catching.


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